Being a native to Colorado, Mahala was able to find her passion in dance and music in a state whose Rocky Mountain setting allows the arts to thrive. Expanding her interest into the dance community allowed for a natural progression into choreography, something that she is incredibly enthusiastic to share with others. Mahala began her training when she was 5 years old studying both Contemporary and Hip-Hop at Soul Motion. She has continued to expand her knowledge through receipt of instruction in Fundamentals of Krump, Waacking, House, Breaking, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. Mahala has considered Streetside South an extended family and a home away from home since she was the age of 11. She began choreographing at the age of 15 under the guidance of her SSS Mentors. Being able to find homies with similar artistic aspirations, she was able to spend two years traveling around the state to take part in training with other crews. Last year, Mahala was given the responsibility of teaching both Junior and Kidís troupes with Mr. Matt by her side. She continues assisting the instruction of classes and helps to maintain the positive, electric energy while also enjoying the kids that she loves! Mahala trained as an athlete playing both soccer and basketball competitively, sacrificing it all to devote her time and focus her experiences as a student of dance. She now focuses mainly on dance while staying involved in other interests with her younger sisters. Mahala is a participating member of Breaking troupe, Teen troupe, as well as our Streetside crew. She is excited and thankful to have her own class and the opportunity to help others love and appreciate dance the way she does! Please join her to learn and vibe, so she can continue to learn from you as well!
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