Kara Bates

Kara has been dancing on and off throughout her life. In 2010, she started dancing with Streetside South and has seriously pursued hip hop dance ever since. She currently battles within the local hip hop scene and is hoping to travel to battle as well. Kara is hoping to help grow and make the local waacking scene well known. She has been privileged to train under some of the best of hip hop in Colorado including White Boi, Mamma-T, Elise, and our very own Mr. Matt. She has been able to take workshops and train under well-known teachers including Kumari Suraj, Larkin Poynton, BB Love, and Ray Basa. Within class, Kara hopes that her students can learn to have fun and groove with the music. She believes that being able to dance is a privilege that should be used.

Kara is currently a student at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing degrees in Marketing and Information Systems. She is graduating Fall 2015.

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